Needle Holder Pen StyleTakes up to 3 Needles

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This is a great little tool ! Can be used with one, two or three
felting needles of all sizes and combinations. Gets the job done faster
using 3 needles and it has a random pattern when rooting for a natural appearance . Still great for
finer detail by using just one needle. Does take a little bit of
getting use to with 3 needles. You need to push a little firmer. This holder is designed for felting so the hold is more natural than others on the
market that are really holders for drill bits. You will love it.It comes
with 3 needles but I find they have too many barbs on them for fine hair
rooting. Best needles for using as a single that I have found so far are the 38 gauge 1 Barb
Needles that I sell here on my site separately. The holder works really well with the shorter 42 gauge Fork needles that I sell separately. The Fork needles take the hair down in a loop and don't cut the hair like the barbs may so you have less broken hair in your hands. They are also shorter in length so there seems to be less breaking of the needles.

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