Hairline and Eyebrow Placement Pen PINK "Just 3 Left"


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Use this marker to temporarily draw on eyebrows for their position and shape, also hairline and direction and for the placement of veins.

If you are not happy with that placement you can just dab the pen line with a damp cloth and it will disappear and you can redo them until you get it right and ready for painting over.

The ink lines will disappear as you paint over them. The ink will fade on it's own over a few hours depending on humidity or you can just wipe it off with a damp cloth to remove unwanted marks.

Great for marking out the hair line and crown too !

Mark out the hair line and spiral crown to the shape you want it then root around that guideline.

I also have a white pen that will stay there until you wash it out.

Use the pen to mark out the position and shape of your veins, then paint over and the ink will disappear.

Great for use on anything where you need a temporary mark like fabric for painting or embroidery, dress making, cross stitch, patchwork etc. as well.