Tears, Wetness or Shine, Dimensional Magic


Secrist call theirs TEARS .This will do the same thing. Great for giving open eyes a natural wet look to make your doll look more realistic.
With your doll laying flat on the table, with it's face looking up to the ceiling, use a size 1 soft round brush to carry and place the Dimensional Magic into the eye area. Push the DM up into the eyelashes and down to the bottom of the eye and then more over the whole eye and let it settle. The DM is self leveling, so once you have placed the DM onto the eye try not to disturb it until it sets or you will make marks on the surface. Will dry crystal clear. Dries fast. Don't put too much in unless you want your doll to look like it is crying. You can also use this as tears because it is dimensional properties . You can also brush it flat on lips or nails to achieve a gloss look. A little in the nostrils adds for a nice realistic nose as well. On the tongue for a wet look.
Also makes Spit Bubbles, just let it dry a tiny little before blowing to make the bubbles so that they are stronger.

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