Size 2. PAMPERS Nappy 500 to 1.3 kilo. Fits 10" - 12" Dolls.


I really don't think you can get Much Smaller Than This Nappy..It is Tiny !!! Although I do have another one that is a bit smaller still.

These nappies are fantastic for dolls say 10" to 12" . They fit really well.

So hard to find them this small.

No more saggy nappies for our Premmie babies :)

Genuine Pampers Premmie Baby Nappy to fit Premmie babies weighing 500 grams to 1.3 kilos.

Measures around 10cm from crotch to waist.

You are buying 1 x size 2 nappy as pictured here along side the other 5 sizes that I have all available separately.

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