Complete Brush Set Of Eight

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Please note that I am currently out of size #2 Filbert so i will be putting in a useful substitute brush for it.

This set of brushes consists of one of each of the following:
Size 6 Hog Fan Brush - To coat inside the head to seal in the mohair.
Size 2 Hog Hair Round Brush - To mix your paints so you don't use your good brushes.
Size 1 Soft Round Brush - For creases and smaller detail areas, milk spots, veins etc.
Size 4 Soft Round Brush - For creases and larger detail areas.
Size 2 Filbert - For Nails and Lips on smaller dolls as it has a nice shape for those areas.
Size 6 Filbert - For Nails and Lips on bigger dolls as it has a nice shape for those areas.
Size 4 Soft Flat Brush - For blending in the creases and other areas or transferring your paint for the palette to the sponge wedge.
Size 2/0 Liner Brush - For eyebrows, capillaries etc. Liner brushes carry more paint than a normal length brush so you don't have to reload as much. With this brush you can thin out hairs by cutting them off at the base so that you can make the brush much finer and with just the right amount of hairs that you need to do the finest of work. You can buy these liners separately and thin them out to make different thicknesses if you like for certain jobs. The liner brush will come un-trimmed so that you can trim it to your own personal needs. Just separate the hairs and cut off what you don't need down near the base.

All of these brushes can be brought individually but you will save by buying them as a set. That works out at only $1.63 per brush !
See inside my store for the different brushes sold individually.

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